Adventure Tales of America - Illustrated U.S. History Books
by Jody Potts, Ph.D.
Signal Media Publishers

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The two letters reproduced below were received about three years apart and tell how students who were academically at risk made remarkable gains in their TAAS scores - going from 20% passing before Adventure Tales of America became their textbook to 91% passing just three years later. You can also see what the students said here.

A Special Letter -- A 115% Improvement!

Dr. Potts,

Four years ago I first saw Adventure Tales of America and realized this was the textbook that could make a difference. During the 1997-98 school year all my students used Adventure Tales of America. The difference was obvious.

I teach at Memorial Preparatory Middle School in the Garland Independent School District, Garland, Texas. The school is for students who are academically at risk.

The difference Adventure Tales of America made was that students enjoyed reading about History. The concept of drawing pictures using both sides of the brain allowed all students to feel involved. The results were also obvious.

In 1997, 20% of our eight grade students passed the Social Studies TAAS test. This past May we received the results of the 1998 TAAS test which 43% passed. I repeat the difference was obvious.

You have done a great service to U.S. History teachers, administrators, and especially students. Your book has also made teaching much more enjoyable and exciting.

Thank you for all of your efforts in making me a better teacher.

8th Grade U.S. History teacher
Memorial Preparatory School
Garland, Texas

And There is More in 2001...

Dr. Potts,

Adventure Tales of America hit another home run this Spring. The TAAS score for the 8th grade at Memorial Preparatory in Social Studies was 91% passed. This is up from 70% last year and 50% in 1999.

As you know the students at Memorial are Academically at Risk, these scores are unheard of for most 8th grade students in the state let alone from those at risk. Not only did we increase 21 percentage points, we were 8 percentage points higher that the average for Garland ISD.

I truly give most of the credit to your wonderful textbook. This is the only textbook, which my students use. I've enclosed letters from the students of this years 8tb grade. You can read how much they appreciated the book, but how much more they felt they learned from your book versus other History textbooks they've had in earlier grades.

In the four years we have had a complete set for all students, I have been able to use the book more effectively each year. My coordinator compliments me each year with the increased scores and I quickly respond that if it weren't for Adventure Tales of America, those scores would not have been what they were.

Thank you very much for all the work, effort and love you put into Adventure Tales of America. You are one of the major reasons I am the teacher I am.

8th Grade U.S. History Teacher
Memorial Preparatory School
Garland, Texas

Students' Comments:

Students at Memorial Preparatory School (Garland, Texas) say:

"I learned more from this history book than my 5th, 6th, and 7th grade history books combined. Adventure Tales of America was easy to understand and the pictures made it fun to learn about history."

"Your book is great! It has inspired me to learn more about history. The pictures really helped me to understand history in new ways. The way the drawings have witty and funny comments help me stay on your pages and not get bored. Reading your book made history better and not a complete bore. Great book - POW! Wow! Zam!"

"This book has helped my grades increase. It is better than any other regular history book. The pictures in the book help you understand the subject better."

"Your book helped me raise my grades. Your textbook is not like others - this book makes history fun, not boring like it was last year in 7th grade. I understand what the book is trying to tell me. Your book is awesome cause it got me good grades. With the help of your book, I now have fun during history class."

"I think the book is more fun than other textbooks. My parents thought it was a cool book. My sister was mad because she never had a book like the one you wrote."

"Your book has worked my mind to the fullest. It is a great way to make history come alive on a sheet of paper. This shows us time periods and what types of clothing they wore. It truly does work both parts of the brain. It made my parents want to read it and take history again."

"Your book has been a great success for me. I really enjoyed reading your book. It made me look at history in a whole different way. I have learned more by looking at and reading your book than I have reading those other history books."

"I think your book is one of the world's greatest textbooks. I think that every kid would like all textbooks to be like this amazing book. In fact, I heard from my teacher that some adults enjoy it as well."

"This book is a wonderful way to learn history through pictures and text. I certainly learned more with this book than I learned last year with the normal textbook with pages and pages of boring text."

"I've seen other middle school history textbooks and they look dumb. They talk about history in a way that makes me sleepy. But your book is cool!!! I like the pictures. My brother likes the book, too, and he's only nine. My Mom says that we could buy one because it's a good book to have. Everyone I've shown it to has liked it, too."

"I think your book is a great learning tool for us kids. It helps us to remember what we learned. Your book makes you want to learn more. With your book, I think alright, time for my history homework. But with those other textbooks I think ah, man, it's time to do my history homework. It has made me love history even more than I already did."

"When our teacher told us he was going to pass out textbooks everyone moaned and groaned. As he started checking books out to us, the first few were amazed. No one could take his or her eyes off the book. We said Look at this - did you see that page? I'm glad that there are a few adults that think they can help us by using pictures. When our teacher gives us a test, all I have to do is think back to the pictures."

Students at Pearl C. Anderson School (Dallas, Texas) say:

"This book is so good I could read it five times a day."

"I read today about Benjamin Franklin. I didn't like to read about him until I saw this book, and I changed my mind about history."

Students at Cloverdale Jr. High School (Little Rock, Arkansas) say:

"For the first time, history isn't boring!"

"Before this book, I didn't think I could learn or remember anything. Now I know that isn't true."

Students at McCullough Middle School, Highland Park Independent School District (Dallas, Texas) say:

"The book catches your attention by the historical characters saying their exact words, just as real people do."

"Overall, Adventure Tales of America is the number one history book!"

"Adventure Tales of America is a great book to read because it gets to the point quickly."

"The creativity in Adventure Tales of America makes you want to read the whole thing the minute you pick it up."

"This book makes history tests a breeze!"

"This book gave me more information in three months than I have gotten in three years from other history books."

"This book has a lot of good drawings instead of photographs and uses them to tell the story of America's past. Students who use this book next year will think history is fun.

"Information is easy to find and is also very clear, unlike other history books I have read."

"I like the drawings, not only because they were fun to look at and read but because they make it easier to visualize actual events. This is probably the best textbook I have ever read."

"Adventure Tales fills your mind when you read it. When you have a test, you can study by looking in the book and remembering the pictures."

"I am right brained, and not many history books are written for a right-brained person. I love all the maps, timelines, and vivid characters."

"Adventure Tales of America has vivid information that paints a colorful picture in your mind."

"Adventure Tales of America is not a normal textbook. It is a wonderful edge-of-your-seat book. On top of that, the lessons don't leave out any facts."

"This is a book I like because it teaches history in a way I can understand. When I see the pictures in it, I can remember it mentally."

Teachers' Comments:

"Adventure Tales of America hit another home run this Spring. The TAAS score for the 8th grade at Memorial Preparatory in Social Studies was 91% passed. This is up from 70% last year and 50% in 1999." Read more from this teacher

8th Grade U.S. History Teacher
Memorial Preparatory School
Garland, Texas

"Your book is an excellent presentation of historical, geographic, and economic information. It is more detailed than a traditional textbook, and it does a much better job of making history accessible."

Teacher, Salida Middle School
Salida, California

Students using Adventure Tales of America outscored those using the adopted basal social studies textbook by 18 percent on TAAS. Adventure Tales of America has excited my students and revolutionized the way they think and learn."

Teacher, Pearl C. Anderson Learning Center
Dallas Independent School District
Dallas, Texas
Outstanding Teacher Award, 1989

"Adventure Tales of America appealed to all my students from gifted to slow learners." And the book is so comprehensive and concise we covered everything this year!"

Teacher, Seminole Middle School
Plantation, Florida

"For many of my special education students, this was the first time they'd gotten real meaning from a textbook. Soon all my other students, including gifted, were using Adventure Tales of America.

Teacher, Manor School
Fairfax, California

"Students love the Benjamin Franklin section! Ben really seems to leap off the pages and become a real person. Adventure Tales of America has made me excited about teaching history."

Teacher, Glorietta Elementary School
Orinda, California

"This is the best U.S. history textbook I've ever used!"

Wheaton, Illinois

"Adventure Tales of America was a big success this year. My students said the text/picture format gave them a better understanding of history."

Teacher, Park Ridge Elementary School
Park Ridge, Illinois

Principals' and Specialists' Comments:

"Adventure Tales of America, made a substantial difference in our Arkansas Minimum Performance Test scores.There was a 19 percent increase over last year's scores on the social studies section of the test. Furthermore, after our American history teachers shared the book's left/right brain strategies with other eighth-grade teachers, there was an increase on every section of the test."

Principal, Cloverdale Junior High School
Little Rock, Arkansas

"The results achieved on the social studies section of the Arkansas Minimum Performance Test were simply remarkable. Students in the control group who worked with Adventure Tales of America made an average gain of 15 to 30 points, while students who did not work with the book made only marginal gains. I strongly encourage you to share your book and research with other schools, principals, and teachers across the country."

Principal, Southwest Junior High School
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Adventure Tales of America is by far the most exciting textbook to ever cross my desk! Dr. Potts has produced a true brain based learning experience in the right brain/left brain approach to American history. My students find Dr. Potts' text/illustration format meaningful, relevant, and enjoyable to study. Brain based learning opens doors, and Adventure Tales of America is one of the keys that will lead students to a deeper and more enriching learning experience."

Gifted and Talented Education Specialist
Plano Independent School District
Plano, Texas

"Adventure Tales of America is every American history teacher's dream book!."

Social Studies Specialist
McAllen Independent School District
McAllen, Texas