Adventure Tales of America - Illustrated U.S. History Books
by Jody Potts, Ph.D.
Signal Media Publishers

Adventure Tales of the Civil War and Reconstruction - PDF download!  FREE!  

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Beginning with an overview of slavery, this concise history traces the causes, conflicts, and consequences of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Verbal and visual learners are immediately engaged by a left and right brain text/illustration format that results in quick comprehension and easy recall. And there is compelling drama. Through primary sources Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and Abraham Lincoln step on stage and speak their own words, creating new understanding of the differences of opinion that so tragically divided the nation. The book correlates with national history standards and has a Test Your Knowledge section with activities and tests.

Completely illustrated, the book includes drawings, charts, timelines, and maps

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Adventure Tales of the Civil War and Reconstruction
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