Adventure Tales of America - Illustrated U.S. History Books
by Jody Potts, Ph.D.
Signal Media Publishers

Adventure Tales of America: An Illustrated History of the United States, Vol. 2, 1876-1932

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A scholarly U.S. history text that students love to read; based on primary sources

for Vol. 2

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Raises test scores with left and right brain strategies in a text/illustration format
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Table of Contents
From 1876 to 1932, America’s story unfolds with high drama — absorbing, entertaining, and enlightening:
(includes a review of Adventure Tales of America, Vol. 1)
  • Taming the Western Frontier
  • Settling the West
  • Science and Technology: America's Golden Age of Invention
  • Thomas Alva Edison: "Inventor of the Age"
  • Industrialism, Capitalism, and Big Business
  • The Labor Movement and the Farm Revolt
  • Immigration and Growth of the Cities
  • Gilded Age Politics
  • America Becomes a Global Power
  • The Progressive Era
  • Theodore Roosevelt: An Activist President
  • William Howard Taft: A Reluctant President
  • Woodrow Wilson: An Idealist President
  • World War I and a Return to "Normalcy"
  • The Roaring Twenties

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