Adventure Tales of America - Illustrated U.S. History Books
by Jody Potts, Ph.D.
Signal Media Publishers

Adventure Tales of America:
An Illustrated History of the United States, 1492-1877

Volume 1

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Table of Contents

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  • The Founding Fathers' Message for Students
  • The Publisher's Wish for Students
  • Getting the Most from Adventure Tales of America
  • Two Brains Are Better Than One
  • Left and Right Brain Learning Styles
  • American History and the American Dream
Part One: Colonial and Confederation Eras, 1492-1789
Section 1: America: The Land
1. The Globe
2. America on the Move: a Plate Tectonics Adventure
3. America the Beautiful
4. American Adventure: the Outdoor Stage
Section 2: Native Americans  
1. The First Americans: Prehistoric Adventurers  
2. Native Americans  
3. The Iroquois Confederacy: a Model Government  
4. Native American Land Cessions: an Overview  
Section 3: New World Explorers  
1. Motives for Exploration  
2. America: the World's Biggest Secret  
3. The Christopher Columbus Story  
4. Spanish Exploration and Conquest  
5. Hernando De Soto Explores North America  
6. France Claims North America  
7. England Enters the Race for North America  
Section 4: British Colonization  
1. England's Political Drama  
2. The Thirteen British Colonies: an Overview  
3. England's America Dream: Motives for Settlement  
4. A Handy Guide to the Thirteen British Colonies  
5. Virginia: Seedling of Liberty  
6. New England: Plymouth Colony Pilgrims  
7. New England: Massachusetts Bay Colony  
8. New England: RI, CT, NH  
9. New England's Puritan Legacy  
10. The Middle Colonies  
11. The Southern Colonies  
Section 5: Colonial Culture  
1. The Social Ladder and the American Dream  
2. Culture and the PERSIA Acronym  
3. Colonial Culture: Three Ways of Life  
4. Colonial Religion: the Great Awakening  
5. Freedom of the Press  
6. Artists of the Colonial and Confederation Eras  
7. Colonial Economics: Mercantilism  
Section 6: African-American Origins  
1-2. Slavery: an Overview  
3. Twenty-first Century Africa  
4. The Land of Africa  
5. Foods, Animals, and Waterways of Africa  
6. The Peoples of Africa  
7. African Religions  
8-14. West African History  
15. West African Artisans  
16. West African Artists and Storytellers  
17. West African Music  
18. Journey to the Americas: The Slave Trade  
Section 7: American Enlightenment  
1. The American Enlightenment  
2. Benjamin Banneker  
3. America's Founding Fathers: The Big Six  
4. Benjamin Franklin and the American Character  
Section 8: Benjamin Franklin  
1. Benjamin Franklin  
Section 9: Road to Revolution  
1. Leaders During the American Revolution  
2. Causes of the American Revolution  
3. The French and Indian War  
4. Britannia Rules! America Rebels!  
5. The American Tree of Liberty: English Roots  
6. "On the Brink of a Precipice"  
7. Road to Revolution: Lexington and Concord  
8. General George Washington: Commander in Chief  
9. The Path to Independence  
10. The Declaration of Independence  
11. Remember the Ladies  
Section 10: American Revolution  
1. The Revolutionary War: an Overview  
2. Washington on the Run  
3. The Tide Turns  
4. Everyone's Revolution  
5. John Paul Jones: Naval Hero  
6. Benedict Arnold: Traitor  
7. Victory: from Saratoga to Yorktown  
Section 11: Confederation Period  
1. The Big Question: Who Will Be in Charge?  
2. Articles of Confederation: 13 Sovereign States  
3. Thomas Jefferson's Impact on the Confederation  
4. Problems of the Confederation  
5. Three Friends: a Meeting of Nationalist Minds  
6. A Bold Proposal  
Section 12: The Constitution  
1. A Convention Overview  
2. James Madison: Father of the Constitution  
3. The Delegates Gather  
4. The Constitutional Convention Begins  
5. Rules of Procedure  
6. Three Competing Plans  
7. Compromise, Compromise, Compromise  
8. Three Important Questions  
9. The Final Days  
10. The Signing  
11. Miracle at Philadelphia: A Federal Republic  
12. Ratifying the Constitution  
13. The National Government  
14. The Three Branches  
15. The Federal System: Division of Powers  
16. Amending the Constitution  
17. The Bill of Rights  
18. How a Bill Becomes a Law  
19. Landmark Supreme Court Decisions  
20. Citizenship: Rights and Responsibilities  
21. The Statue of Liberty  
Part Two: The American Republic, 1789-1877  
Section 13: Federalist Era  
1. The United States: An Overview  
2. Launching the New Government  
3. Alexander Hamilton's Financial Plan  
4. Federalists and Republicans: First Political Parties  
5. American Political Parties and Presidents  
6. The Federalists and Foreign Affairs  
7. The Capital: Washington, District of Columbia  
Section 14: Democratic-Republicans  
1. Jeffersonian Democracy  
2. John Marshall and Judicial Review  
3. Marbury v. Madison, 1803  
4. The Louisiana Purchase: Empire for Liberty  
5. Lewis and Clark: Trailblazers  
6-8. Storm Clouds and the War of 1812  
9. America's Sea Power: "Don't Give Up the Ship"  
Section 15: Nationalism/Sectionalism  
1. Nationalism and the Era of Good Feelings  
2. McCulloch v. Maryland, 1819  
3. Gibbons v. Ogden, 1824  
4-6. The Industrial Revolution  
7. Science and Technology Aid Industrialization  
8. Missouri Compromise and Monroe Doctrine  
9. Sectionalism: Threatening Issues  
10. Sectional Politics and the Era of Bad Feelings  
Section 16: Jacksonian Era  
1. Jacksonian Democracy  
2. Indian Removal  
3. Sequoyah: Cherokee Hero  
Section 17: Reform Movements  
1-3. Education and Humanitarian Reforms  
4. Abolition Crusade  
5. Women Abolitionists and Women's Rights  
6-10. Woman's Rights Movement  
Section 18: National Culture  
1-3. American Literature, Art, and Music  
Section 19: Westward Expansion  
1. Westward Expansion: An Overview  
2. Westward Ho! Trails and Travelers  
3. First Continental Railroad  
4. Immigration: An Overview  
5. The Texas Story: Revolution and Independence  
6. The California Story  
7. The Mexican War  
8. California Gold Rush  
9. Compromise of 1850  
10. California Statehood, 1850  
11. Decade of Conflict: an Overview  
Section 20: Abraham Lincoln  
1. The Abraham Lincoln Story  
Section 21: The Civil War  
1. Causes of the Civil War: an Overview  
2. Events Leading to the Civil War  
3. Presidential Election of 1860  
4. Secession and the Confederacy  
5. Lincoln's First Inaugural Address  
6. The Civil War Begins  
7. A Nation Divided  
8. The Civil War: an Overview  
9-10. Emancipation Proclamation  
11. Major Civil War Battles  
12. Gettysburg and Vicksburg: Crucial Battles  
13. The Gettysburg Address  
14. Presidential Election of 1864  
15. Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address  
16. The Union Wins the Civil War  
17. A Great Tragedy  
Section 22: Reconstruction  
1-2. Reconstruction Plans  
3. Reconstruction Amendments  
4. Reconstruction Governments  
5. Disputed Election of 1876  
6. Compromise of 1877: End of Reconstruction  
The Tree of Liberty  
Key Documents  
The Declaration of Independence  
The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom  
The Constitution of the United States  
Anti-Federalist and Federalist Writings  


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